Why We're Here

Vision Shared exists to accelerate progress in West Virginia. Those of us who live here know this state is brimming with potential, but our economic performance is uneven at best. For West Virginia’s economy to compete regionally, nationally and globally, positive changes need to happen faster – that’s where Vision Shared can play a role, not just in working to achieve progress but also to track the state’s performance.

Each year, Vision Shared produces a Performance Measures Report that assesses West Virginia’s progress in achieving goals originally set when Vision Shared was created in 2001. The report also provides a reliable snapshot at how the state is competing economically with the region and nation.

Vision Shared already has seen success in its ability to make a positive impact on some indicators of West Virginia’s economic competitiveness. Workers’ compensation rates, for example, used to be a major area of concern for the Mountain State. Vision Shared played a role in helping to bring about reforms to the system, and those changes followed by market privatization have brought a significant shift that catapulted West Virginia into a much more competitive position.

Not all economic indicators have seen such improvement, however, and Vision Shared volunteers will continue to collaborate and work to enhance West Virginia’s economic growth.

West Virginia Stats

West Virginia continues to struggle when it comes to some basic indicators of our economic strength; however, the state is showing some signs of stabilization and potential improvement.

See our annual Performance Measures Report for more details.

  • The 2011 Outcome Measures Report contains 55 indicators identified in the original 2000-2001 Implementation Plan.
  • West Virginia’s position has improved in 33 of the 55 benchmarks.
  • Of those improvements, benchmarks have been achieved in seven supporting indicators identified.