Our History

10 Years of Progress

Vision Shared’s first 10 years of operation included the monumental transformation of West Virginia’s workers’ compensation system and medical liability reform. As Vision Shared evolved, we had the support and passion of more than 1,000 volunteers who were divided into teams that were part of four original steering committees: Intellectual Infrastructure, New Economy, Results-based Government and Building Bridges & Empowering Citizens. Their accomplishments have been recognized across West Virginia, and we pledge to continue in their hard-working tradition as we embark on a new decade of transforming the state’s economy.

Some of the more recent results from our previous committees are available here.

History of Vision Shared

Vision Shared has been the state’s leading community and economic development organization and action plan since it first was created in 2000 as a public-private partnership under the now-inactive Council for Community and Economic Development.

Vision Shared was designed to bring together business, labor, government and other interests to develop a strategy that will sustain West Virginia and make the state more economically competitive.

This strategy was based on exhaustive research and recommendations by Atlanta-based economic research firm Market Street Services Inc., who identified West Virginia’s strengths and weaknesses and areas for improvement that will give the state’s economy a much-needed boost.

In 2006, Vision Shared left state government and transitioned to become a 501(c)3 designated nonprofit. Today, the organization is dedicated to continuing its mission and building on the successes to date, with support from the private sector, state government and the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.

We operate from a multi-faceted plan aimed at effecting real change in the way West Virginia functions economically. Our Board of Directors sets the vision for our volunteers to implement. In 2008, the Board decided it was time to update the Market Street Services research. The latest findings are helping Vision Shared refine its focus and target those areas where the greatest gains can be made.

Economic development is a process, not a snapshot in time. Our goals are pursued with the understanding that immediate gains are not always possible – it could take a decade or longer to produce visible results in some areas. What is important is to maintain the drive and commitment to achieve those goals, to measure our progress and to take pride in Vision Shared’s unique contribution to West Virginia’s economic development progress.

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