Who We Are

Our mission is to strengthen the economy, transform communities, promote progressive government and improve the quality of life for West Virginians.

Overview of Vision Shared

Vision Shared was created in 2000 as a public-private partnership to bring together business, labor, government and other diverse interests to develop a strategy that will sustain West Virginia and make our state more economically competitive. Today, Vision Shared is a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuing that mission and building on the successes to date.

Vision Shared structures its activities to help West Virginia achieve goals in four critical focus areas for economic development success. Each focus area has a specific goal that Vision Shared established for West Virginia, and each goal has a volunteer committee that is led by members of the Board of Directors. Each committee has an action plan that will guide its work for 2011-2014.

Our volunteers will continue to have the flexibility they always have enjoyed to ask the Board of Directors to expand our scope of work to meet West Virginia’s challenges as they arise. We will balance that flexibility with the discipline required to make gains and achieve results in our goal areas. By working together to meet this state’s needs during a time of economic transition, West Virginia can and will become a global economic competitor.

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Vision Shared Goals for West Virginia’s Future

Entrepreneurship — By 2015, West Virginia ranks first in the nation in the percentage of residents who start a business.

Education — By 2020, West Virginia ranks first in the United States for reading and math scores of grade 4 and grade 8 students.

Workforce Development — By 2020, West Virginia ranks among the top 20% internationally for the percentage of adults with an associate’s degree or higher.

Research and Commercialization — By 2020, West Virginia ranks among the top 25% of the U.S. in the percentage of its workforce employed in private sector, high-tech industries.

These four focus areas cover a vast majority of the challenges West Virginia faces now and will face in the future. In recent years, Vision Shared has focused on improving education from early childhood development to quality standards throughout the educational system. We have pursued technology-based economic development, entrepreneurship, creative communities and sustainable development to promote “New Economy” growth in our state.

Vision Shared volunteers work with the governor's administration, the state legislature, local communities and many private-sector partners. We are devoted to uniting diverse individuals and groups to improve West Virginia's economy.