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Despite relatively high rankings in educational spending, West Virginia students score below the national average on 21 of the 24 indicators of student performance as reported by the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

In 2010 the State of West Virginia initiated a comprehensive review of its primary and secondary education system. The Education Efficiency Audit of West Virginia’s Primary and Secondary Education System (“the audit”) was intended to help the state achieve two goals:

  • Produce the best possible outcomes for its students, and
  • Receive the highest return on educational dollars it spends.

Work continues at the state level to evaluate the efficiency section of the audit in an effort to reposition resources toward student-centered functions. In order to improve student achievement, discussions focused on changing the education service delivery system in West Virginia should parallel those efforts. In support of this effort, Vision Shared hosted a series of community forums aimed at gathering input from parents, educators, business, community, educational leaders and others interested in improving the performance of West Virginia students.

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