What We Do

Vision Shared is successful because we invite all stakeholders who care about an issue to take part in addressing it. We attract volunteers from the public and private sector and provide them with the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Each volunteer committee structures its activities according to direction from the Board of Directors and a team action plan that outlines the group’s scope of work and goals for 2011-2014.

All Vision Shared teams work as part of an interdisciplinary approach to addressing some of West Virginia’s most critical needs in our focus areas of Entrepreneurship, Education, Workforce Development and Research and Commercialization.

We also publish an annual Performance Measures Report, one of most important projects each year. This one-of-a-kind document tracks roughly 50 different measures of West Virginia’s economic progress and is used by leaders in the public and private sectors.


Vision Shared is built on the strength, passion and dedication of our many volunteers. Teamwork and open communication are essential to our success.

We help our volunteers work on West Virginia’s challenges in a safe, respectful environment where everyone is welcome, and we give those volunteers the tools they need to accomplish their goals. Vision Shared is a place where people who normally may not work together can collaborate to help West Virginia.

We believe a solution developed and supported by people from all walks of life is far more likely to be sustainable and successful. West Virginia’s problems are far too complex and affect far too many people to be solved by a single person or single interest group.

Vision Shared is committed to finding common ground among currently competing interests, identifying real-world solutions to West Virginia’s long-standing struggles and identifying maximize opportunities to advance our economic growth potential.

Some believe West Virginia’s economic future is pre-ordained. Vision Shared challenges this idea and is dedicated to charting a new course for West Virginia’s economy by helping the Mountain State overcome its challenges and chart an exciting new future.