What are the important steps for setting up a company in Germany?

Starting a business is a very advantageous option. Not only does it allow you to have the power to make decisions, but it also allows you to better understand how the business works. To succeed in creating your company, you must follow certain steps with the help of a professional. What are these steps of creating a business?

The different steps to follow

Creating a company absolutely goes through steps. You can follow each of the steps on our website. The first step in creating a company is to choose the type of company you want to create. There are sole proprietorships, partnerships and joint stock companies. The second step is to choose the name of the company. The naming of a company follows specific rules, including its originality. To find an acceptable name, you can refer to the German business directory. For the third step, you will have to register your company name with the competent authorities in order to get your tax number. In the fourth position, you move on to the licensing stage. At this level, documents are issued according to the type of business. The fifth step will be to create a bank account for the company. To protect yourself and all your staff, the sixth step will be to open a health insurance and social security account. Finally, to better manage your finances, hiring an accountant is the last essential step. All of these steps are essential for starting a business in Germany. However, it is necessary to involve a lawyer in the process. At what level does the latter intervene?

Associating a lawyer with the process of creating a company

The presence of a lawyer is fundamental to ensure the legal plan of the creation of a company in Germany. The lawyer is the professional capable of giving you advice on the type of company appropriate to your needs. Moreover, he accompanies you in the constitution of the documents, the obtaining of the permit, licenses. Even better, the lawyer helps you to make good deals with regard to the different sale or acquisition contracts.