How do you segment your customers ?

Not all your customers have the same tastes, habits, needs and behaviour. And yet, you must succeed in maintaining relations between all your customers and you for the smooth running of your business. The following content allows you to know the tips for classifying your customers.

Socio-demographic criteria

These criteria seem the most vulgar of all criteria. To learn more about them, click on Nevertheless, they remain the simplest and easiest criteria to observe. Indeed, they are relevant, as they help you to classify your customers according to their age, gender, social status or location. These criteria can be grouped into three broad classes: socio-economic class, demographic class and geographical class. This classification will help you to better communicate with your customers and to easily achieve a wide distribution of your products.

Knowing the psychological criteria

The psychological criteria are varied and of various kinds. You need to know certain traits and characteristics of your customers to succeed in this ranking. These criteria take into account the age and sex of your customers. Furthermore, information is not easy to extract from your customers. You must have the skill and courage to find out about their lifestyles, activities and interests. In addition to this, you also need to have their opinions on everything. The purpose of these criteria is to know or conjecture what your customers like.

Behavioural criteria

These criteria are less general than the psychological and socio-demographic ones. Using these criteria allows you to fine-tune the targeting of your operations. In fact, they are linked to the frequency of purchase that you record among your customers. Are they frequent or occasional shoppers? Behavioural criteria are also related to the benefits your customers seek through purchases. In other words, you identify what these customers value. Whether they use your products to save more money, whether they do so because of the comfort they find in them, or because of the aesthetics of your products.