Adrian Cheng invests and leads philanthropic programs for Hong Kong

Diversifying into a sustainable universe, Adrian Cheng engages in altruistic projects in Hong Kong. Following the ravages of COVID-19, the boss of K11 is more than ever committed to social action. Its motto is to better manage its resources in order to grow abundantly. He therefore joins action with ideas by becoming more involved in housing solutions, mental health, art, sustainability and climate change.

Investments in children's mental health during and after Covid

In order to share his resources, Cheng prefers to invest in the Chinese community. Adrian Cheng's funding goes to Cue the WEMP Foundation, which prioritizes children's mental health. Cheng believes that children's mental health is not well taken care of in Asia. Particularly during the health crisis, no one really cares about the resentment of children. Moreover, they are rigorously held in schools. Which increases the pressure, but no support for the relaxation of the children. The project therefore focuses on children from three to eleven years old. With the help of local NGOs, the University of Cambridge, Child Bereavement UK, the children learn to handle pressure better. Workshops were therefore held to raise awareness among parents and teachers.

Real estate and social programs

Always in a philanthropic vision, Adrian led the New World Build for Good project. This is a real estate program that aims to offer people the opportunity to become owners. The residences are therefore delivered at half the normal market price. This promotes universally accessible housing in the city of Hong Kong. Cheng also led the Love Without Borders program, which aims to produce free masks for 10,000 poor families. There are many questions Adrian Cheng has about the outcome of charitable aid. He intends to continue his momentum to combine the social, the cultural, the environmental and the art. He is an economic operator who cares about the well-being of his fellow citizens.